Mission Statement

018A0374The mission of the Friends of Ash Hollow is to preserve and promote the history and ecology of Ash Hollow State Historical Park for visitors of all ages.

Our purpose as Friends of Ash Hollow, is to work in collaboration with Nebraska Game and Parks to:

  • protect the serenity and beauty of the Ash Hollow park;
  • provide educational opportunities for visitors to learn of Ash Hollow, its terrain and its rich history; and
  • develop and enhance the park’s facilities.

This past February we held a planning retreat where we developed a 5-Year Strategy.  The 5 year goals set forth include:

  1. Expand and enhance the Visitors Center;
  2. Plan and implement a major event in Ash Hollow for the 150th Celebration in 2017;
  3. Provide interactive educational and recreational events in the Hollow to increase visitation.